• Our introduction offer for new students is $60, and lets you attend any six classes over two weeks. It’s a great way to dive in. If you enjoy your time with us, we offer discounts on passes and memberships during your two weeks.
  • While we recommend starting with hot, yin or a beginner’s course, all of our classes are open to everyone. We’re happy for you to give it a go and go at your own pace, and if you’re a beginner, let your teacher know so they can support you.
  • Flexibility is not a prerequisite. Yoga encompasses the mind, body and spirit, and is for everybody, no matter their physical condition. Make sure you talk to us about any concerns or injuries you may have. If you’re pregnant, please email us before attending your first class. Our teachers are experienced and their goal is to help you develop your practice in your way.
  • There will be mixed levels in the room, so aim to focus on yourself and the teacher’s instructions. You’ll be feeling comfortable and noticing improvements in no time.
  • Doors open 20 minutes before class start time. Be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class starts as the doors will be shut on the exact start time.
  • We recommend for your comfort to come to class well hydrated and not having eaten for at least a couple of hours before.
  • Bookings and online payments are required at the red light restrictions, and are recommended (but not required) at orange and green.
  • Classes have a set duration, so please only come if you plan to stay the whole time. If you are tired and need to rest during class, by all means do and join in again when you are ready.
  • Please bring a large towel and water bottle for all our heated classes - we have these available to rent or buy in the studio. Wear light clothing, and avoid anything loose or flowing. Sleeveless tops and shorts and yoga leggings are best.
  • We have mats available for hire for $2, but they’re free to use during your intro offer or if you biked to the studio. We also have beautiful mats for sale. Under red light, you’ll need to bring your own mat.
  • We have bathrooms, shower facilities and storage areas.
  • Parking for both of our studios is on the street, which is usually pretty easy outside of working hours. During business hours, leave yourself some extra time to find a park.
  • If you’ve got any more questions, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at info@eastwest.co.nz.

Our studio policies

Under red light restrictions, things at the studio look a little different:

  • Bookings are essential because of restricted capacity, and you’ll need to bring your own mat and props (though classes will be designed not to need props at this time).
  • Masks are required around the studio until you’re on your mat
  • Scanning in is required Please practice good hygiene and stay at home if you’re unwell
  • This is a strange time for everyone, so please be kind to each other and yourselves, and reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to support you.

Refunds, extensions and transfers

Please make purchases mindfully as we do not refund once the purchase is made. If your pass expires and you still have classes left, we offer an option where you can purchase another pass to retrieve expired classes. If you find you are not using your pass you can transfer it to someone else for a $30 transfer fee.

Direct Debit Programme

If you practice three times a week or more, then our direct debit programme is going to be the best option for you. There is a three month minimum of debits, but after this you are on an open-ended contract and free to leave with one month’s notice (send us an email). Sign up via our pricing page, debits run on the 1st of the month. If you need, we can pause your debit for a month, to a maximum of two months per year.

Lost property

We keep all lost property for a reasonable time before giving it to charity. The more quickly you come in and retrieve your things, the better.


As a studio we work hard behind the scenes to ensure we offer a clean, nurturing, no-drama environment with well-trained and passionate instructors. We’re always open to feedback,  which you can send through to info@eastawest.co.nz. We look forward to practising with you! See you in the studio.


How is the room heated?
Is it normal to feel quite dizzy and nauseous during class?
How often should I come?
Can I eat before class?
What about water?
What if I have injuries or illnesses?
My back (knee, ankle, insert ailment) hurts and I am scared! Can I still come?